Future Basketball

Publisher: Hewson Consultants
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Zzap #66

Future Basketball

Supposedly a non-contact sport, in the future basketball is mutated into something more violent than Phil playing Kick Off. The game uses an overhead view, with you automatically controlling your player nearest the ball. Dribbling is automatic and you can pass or stand still to shoot (scoring two points, or three if outside the area). To take the ball from an opponent you can slide into them or run over one of the special weapons capsules which appear to automatically shoot at the ball carrier.

Other capsules give money which is important in the four-division league. Up to 32 humans can be in this, all competing to buy the best players. There's five in a team, and you're not allowed substitutes so you must sell a player before buying a new one. You also earn money by winning matches.


Ho-hum, future sport time again, usually an unsatisfying experience. And Hewson haven't let me down. Future Basketball is a rare translation of the ball-dribbling sport but with its metallic arena, tough guy players and plan view it obviously owes a lot to Speedball.

Future Basketball

Unfortunately dribbling and particularly shooting is just too easy; true, it increases game speed considerably but takes away the basketball feel and makes the whole thing disposable - not good at 25 quid. Wait for Speedball 2 or play International Basketball on the C64.


Future Basketball looks like Speedball, but doesn't play like it. Zinging balls off the walls in this game leads to a dull throw-in, and scoring baskets isn't as exciting.

What you're left with is plenty of extremely well enough - the icon weapons are particularly good fun - but it's all a bit repetitive for the price. Due to a very small radar scanner, tactical play is limited and the management options could also have been better.

Future Basketball

Still, it is fun to play and was very popular with the Film Planners!


Presentation 74% Alter team colours, match length, three skill levels and save league option.

Graphics 70% The colour and texture of pitches vary nicely, the players look okay and move quickly but there's nothing outstanding.

Future Basketball

Sound 69% Choice of a very dull soundtrack or above average FX.

Hookability 74% Very easy to get into, with the lower computer teams providing weak opposition.

Lastability 63% Challenging league, but could be repetitive playing solo.

Overall 70% More dunk than slam.