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By Players
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #61


My heart sank. Not another Players game. Bigtop Barney was an ordeal. Surely it was someone else's turn for Fungus. But the moral of this review is never judge a game by the software house's name. Fungus is a fun game.

The plot, about Fungus craving the Great White Mushroom which can only be found in a remote part of the galaxy, is irrelevant.

The graphics scroll from right to left. You control Fungus, a strange little man in what appears to be a space helmet. He runs about collecting mushrooms, leaping gaps, avoiding aliens and piling up the points.

There are seven sections to cope with, various difficulty levels and the ability to vary the screen colour. Midnight Blue was my personal favourite.

Not stunningly original but the gameplay is surprisingly addictive. Without fear of contradiction, I can say Fungus grew on me.