Fun-Pac (Virgin) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Virgin Games

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

Fun-Pac contains two programs: Supermouse and Let's Go To The Races.

Supermouse features those two cartoon cat and mouse favourites, Tom and Gerry.

Gerry has the task of eating pieces of cheese, which are randomly distributed in a simple maze, while pursued by Tom. If all the pieces are eaten then Gerry becomes Supermouse and chases Tom.

At various locations in the maze are mouseholes through which only Gerry may pass. The number of these decrease through the six skill levels as the cheeses to eat increase.

Failing to eat sufficient cheese, however, causes Gerry to slow down, making capture by Tom more likely.

Let's Go To The Races is a game for up to six players. Each player in turn controls a horse along a set racecourse, obtaining the least number of penalties in the shortest possible time.

There are a possible nine courses to choose from, each of which has six laps to complete by moving across and down the screen, but having a different layout of hurdles and water-jumps.

As each horse finishes the course the time taken and total score, including penalty points, are displayed, but when all horses have run no overall winner is declared.


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