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Amstrad Action

Fu-Kung In Las Vegas
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

This oriental gentleman is an undercover US marshal who has to check out all the casinos in Las Vegas to see if they're honest. He does this by seeing if you can pick up all four playing cards in difficult positions on a screen full of - I knew it! - *platforms*.

The star (?) is a little Chinaman with a pointy hat. who has a terribly slow walk and an equally slow jump with whining sound effect to match. The four playing cards he has to get are one of each suit and he just has to walk through them to pick them up.

Placed around the screens are lots of obstacles, monsters and fatal drops that will send you back to the start of the screen with all the cards back in place. Which of those obstacles is fatal depends on your choice of either the easy or hard games. On the hard level some objects, like the purple bumps on the floors and ceiling, are activated and become lethal.

One nasty feature that crops up on many screens are the laser beams that intermittently flash on between two points, killing you if you're caught in them. Most others are moving objects that shuttle about either horizontally or vertically on a fixed path so that you have to carefully time your progress past them.

Block graphics make up all the screens with the only really good pieces being the dissolving floors and some of the moving objects. The background colour is a rather dingy grey. The only sound effects are the horrid jumping noise and some staccato footsteps.

Good News

1. You can switch off the game.

Bad News

1. Slow movement. 2. Blocky graphics. 3. Bad sound effects. 4. No reward in getting further in the game. 5. More like a magazine listing than a commercial game.

Second Opinion

I've racked my brains to find something good to say about this game, but I haven't been able to come up with anything. So I'll repeat the bad points instead: horrible graphics, worse sound, silly scenario.