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Home Computing Weekly

Fu-Kung In Las Vegas
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #128

It's a long time since I've seen anything as awful as this. Even the inlay card notes don't seem to be able to explain it adequately. The hero, Fu Kung, is an American detective of oriental extraction who has to check all the casinos in Las Vegas to see if they're honest. As a result, he must apparently collect cards, and avoid twirling thingies and electrocution as he makes his way under your control from one screen to another.

OK, I have to admit it, the colours selected show up well on the green screen, but they look awful otherwise. The characters are incredibly crude, move jerkily, flicker, and are painfully slow. Even so, it's not easy to succeed on screen one, given the choice of hard or easy games on the equally awful introductory screen. Sound is minimal.

I tried about eight times to get further, but frankly wouldn't have bothered had I not been reviewing. On the easy level, lives seem to be infinite. Not as good as some ZX81 games I've seen, what on earth are Amsoft doing releasing this on the machine that can depict Knight Lore, Sorcery, and Everyone's a Wally to perfection? Truly grim!