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Sinclair User

By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #75


How many bad Commando rip-offs have there been? Too many. You only have to mention games like Who Dares Wins 2 to see the average man in the street cringe. Then again, on the other hand, the left one, how many good Commando rip-offs have there been? Not enough. Frontline is one that fits into the latter category, thankfully.

Well, this kind of game can be a little tedious, especially if the action isn't exactly boiling hot. The action in FL doesn't hit you very fast or in great lumps, but it is there to be found. The graphics aren't too wonderful either, as your main character looks like something that one of those men with funny balloons has made. The areas themselves are quite well laid out, though in places it can be a little hard to make out what some objects are. The sound is practically non-existent, just a blip and blop here and there. It plays slightly better than most budget efforts, but not much. OK at the price, but I can't see anyone being really hooked for long.

Overall Summary

Above average multi-scrolling mass rattity-tat adventure. Fine for 3 quid, but there are better games at the price.

Tony Dillon

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