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Friday The 13th
By Domark
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #13

Friday The 13th

Based on the film of the same name and with an advertisement the subject of much controversy, Friday The 13th sees you in an American holiday camp, with a killer on the loose.

Jason was previously drowned at the camp and has risen from the water in order to take his revenge. All you have to do is to wander round, warning your friends and identifying and killing Jason.

The camp is divided into several screens which wrap round left and right, top and bottom (this means that if you set off at the church walking left, you eventually return to the church from the right). As you wander round, you find a cross. Pick it up and deposit it in the church, horse or barn and this building now acts as a sanctuary - you can send your friends there and they won't be too happy at spending their holiday that way and will tend to wander off again. Of course, if you send Jason there, sanctuary will lose its effectiveness and you will have to move the cross.

Jason can usually be identified by the simple expedient of watching him hack someone to bits. You can attack him with one of the many weapons that are casually lying about - chainsaw, axe, pitchfork, etc. On one occasion, I found Jason and after I killed him, I left my character standing on Jason's body and watched my score steadily mount until time ran out. Throughout this, however, other people were still getting killed by the 'dead' Jason!!

The graphics in the game are poor, the sound restricted to a few footsteps and the gameplay awful. Even leaving aside the dubious taste of Friday The 13th in the first place, this game is dreadful. Avoid it - it's a bigger horror story than the film ever was.

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