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French On The Run
By Silversoft

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

Silversoft, renounced for games software has brought out this educational game for 'O'-Level French students. As expected, it uses multiple-choice type questions, in the form of an adventure game.

The instructions claim that this game tests your grammatical structure, vocabulary, idiomatic phrases, comprehension and basic knowledge of French. The questions used address themselves to the msot grammatical and lexical errors made by students at 'O'-Level.

This is the scenario: you are a British war-time pilot shot down over occupied France. You are taken captive and subsequently escape. In your efforts to make your way back to Blighty your only contact is with the local people who unfortunately speak nothing but French.

The game consists of four sections which are of increasing difficulty. On each route, you come up against situations (meeting people, buying things, etc) in which you have to reply to questions in French or carry out actions described in French. You have to try and pass as a Frenchman.

The whole story is quite well though out and the questions are interesting but not silly. I felt that the slow text output speed was irritating but that does not stop me from recommending this game.