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French Listening Comprehension 1
By Softlee Systems
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #18

French Listening Comprehension

This listening comprehension is one of the See Hear programs already described. The program contains three different sections, each with ten questions and of increasing levels of difficulty. The user will hear the instructions for use in French while the program is loading, although they are printed on the package in English too.

In the first section, short snippets of conversations can be heard, and the task is to answer questions on who is speaking, where the speaker is, and what he is doing. Each time, the screen shows a choice of four possible answers, and the user must position the red band over the answer of his or her choice. One might, for instance, hear the contents of a shopping list, and have to decide if the speaker is in a cafe, a grocer's shop, a chemists 's or a bakery. At the bottom of the screen, a green strip diminishes in length to show the amount of time remaining.

Section Two contains short descriptions of various situations, followed by part of a conversation. This time, the user must select the correct reply from the options on the screen. One conversation is between a policeman and the witness to an accident, who is asked 'Was the lorry travelling too fast?' The final and most difficult section features a conversation and a story, each of which is heard twice. This time. the questions are also displayed a second time with the initial responses highlighted, so that the user can alter the answer given if he or she desires.

If the user scores 16 or more out of a possible 30, the correct answers can then be displayed, with accompanying explanations, for the questions incorrectly answered or the user may choose to see just the number of each question he or she answered incorrectly, together with the answer chosen.

This program definitely scores over the other language programs on the market because of the listening element. All the audio material is read clearly and at a sensible pace by two native French speakers, and the sound quality is very good indeed.


Control keys: any key to move red band downwards to chose an answer, number keys to move it up
Keyboard play: very responsive
Use of colour: limited
Graphics: none.

Rosetta McLeod

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