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Personal Compuer Games

By Quicksilva
Spectrum 48K/Plus

Published in Personal Computer Games #6


You'd hardly expect the explorer of an ancient maze of tombs to be called Fred but, make no mistake, this chap's a hero.

Surrounded by ghosts, rats, acid drips, mummies and chameleons, he has to fight his way out of the maze and pick up treasure at the same time. Makes Raiders Of The Lost Ark look like a family picnic.

He may not forgive me for saying so, but the nicest thing about Fred is the way he moves. He spends a great deal of his time climbing up and down ropes, and this he accomplishes in great style.

His leaps too are very athletic, done with arms and legs outstretched. He needs to do this to avoid the rats, who otherwise, like all the other nasties, will deplete his power reserves.

Ghosts and mummies, on the other hand, must be shot or fled from, acid drips must be dodged with careful timing and chameleons avoided by taking care which way he faces while climbing ropes.

As you control Fred's movements you can see only a small part of the total maze and unless you find a map must simply guess at the right path to take. Even if you don't find the exit, you may come across treasure which will prolong your life, and grant you points if you can escape with it.

The maze is different every time you play and if you do escape you get a new one with more nasties.

One nice feature is that a single key is used for Up and Jump. This greatly aids control.

All in all, Fred is a delightful game and a delightful chap. Well worth a trip to the tombs to meet him.