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Frankenstein 2000
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Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #4

Frankenstein 2000

Frankenstein 2000 is a mildly enjoyable dodge-zap-collect game, set inside the body of the Frankenstein monster. Riding inside your miniaturied submarine you visit various parts of his body in order to reactivate the slumbering hulk.

Each location presents a fairly familiar task - for instance, when you are in the trachea you must avoid hordes of frogs travelling up the screen (trachea = throat, frogs in throat, gettit? Actually, it took me a while to get that joke).

In other locations, you must avoid objects such as cigarette packets and cardon dioxide sprays in the lungs, and certain greasy objects in the stomach.

The graphics are ok, but not particularly wonderful, a verdict which I feel applies to the game as a whole. I found that each screen presented a small challenge, but that after a couple of tries they all became fairly routine. One aspect of the game's design that became a bit boring was that the sequence of locations is fixed. You can't visit them in any order, as you could in, say, Jet Set Willy, so after a few games I became thoroughly bored with having to navigate the same locations over and over again.

After spending a while getting a fair way into the game, I just couldn't be bothered to keep on going back to the start just so that I could work my way back to where I had got to in the previous game.

Apart from that one criticism of the game's design, I can't honestly say that I have a particularly strong opinion about the game one way or the other. It's just rather undistinguished, neither very good nor very bad.