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Amstrad Action

Frank 'N Stein
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

The evil aim of this game is to build your own D.I.Y. monster and then deactivate him again. If this seems less than sensible you shouldn't be playing computer games.

The monster is made up of seven pieces of skeleton which you have to collect in the right order from the head down. They are strewn on the floors of dungeons which are filled with platforms and nasty surprises. You have to guide the good doctor Stein to the pieces which you automatically pick up.

Springs, slides and jump pads will help you get around the screen while patches of ice, sticky floors and light bulbs may hinder your progress. The main danger is the weird objects that move in patterns on the platforms bump into them and you'll lose a life.

Having constructed the skeleton you have to activate it. Pretty quickly Frankie starts chucking things at you and your remaining task is to deactivate him as soon as possible.

Good News

1. Infuriatingly addictive as you try to crack screens. 2. Cute touches like the animation of Stein.

Bad News

1. Disappointing sound effects - no music. 2. May become TOO frustrating.