Frank Bruno's Boxing
By Elite
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #46

Frank Bruno's Boxing

Bruno goes all out to KO the opposition in Elite's boxing simulation, endorsed by Britain's top boxer.

The object of the game is to defeat eight opponents in a bid for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Fighting styles differ from opponent to opponent - so simply learning the controls of the game isn't enough.

To defeat each opponent, Bruno - the character you control - has to knock him down three times during a three minute round.

Frank Bruno's Boxing

A KO is achieved by reducing your opponent's "status" - indicated by "bar graph" graphic at the top of the screen - by a barrage of punches or by activating the KO meter which enables you to land a devastating KO punch! If you fail to defeat your opponent, you get a chance to have another crack at him.

The screen shows the ring with a huge crowd of spectators surrounding it. You look over Bruno's shoulders at a cartoon style graphic opponent - each of the eight challengers is different. Frank began life as a wire-frame figure - as can be seen from our pre-production screen shots. Since then Elite have altered him to become a fully animated and "filled-in" character.

You control Bruno using keyboard or joystick - either way you'll feel as if you've been through a couple of rounds with a real bruiser!

Overall, a great sports simulation. The animation is great and play action really addictive. A champion game!