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Home Computing Weekly

Fort Apocalypse
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

This is an interesting combination of old themes which results in an enjoyable game. You control a helicopter on a mission to rescue captives from the catacombs of Fort Apocalypse. This underground is protected by flying mines, robo-choppers, laser chambers and hyper chambers. If you are travelling left or right, you fire in the direction of travel. If you are stationary and facing out of the screen, you can bomb.

To travel about the labyrinth you must bomb or shoot through barriers. To descend to a lower level, you must use speed and cunning to avoid the defences. There is also the problem of fuel. This is a game of skill, speed and strategy and not of sledgehammer tactics.

You get a nicely drawn side view of the labyrinth with a small radar view at the top of the screen. The animation is nice with realistic movement; very similar to Chopper Lifter.

This is a gripping game which had me cursing and having another go. Try it and see if you agree.