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Footballer of the Year 2
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #68

Footballer Of The Year 2

The year being 1990 of course, the year when more football games were released than I had hot dinners (I made it 20). The year, also, that you strove to become footballer of the, um, year by scoring enough goals, earning enough money, becoming an off-screen personality, hopefully being picked for the World Cup and on the whole being more of a good egg than anyone else. And now you can do it all again (at a third of the price).

I gave a little whine of joy when I found out that, instead of the boring old Footie Manager-style long listings and text that I assumed would be the order of the day, all gameplay was via a rather stylish icon-driven system. And it was pretty original gameplay too. Spooky for a footy game or what? There's a saying that goes "Money can't buy everything", which a bit of a crap saying actually because I've yet to find a shop which sells something that you can't buy, and in Footballer Of The Year 2, there's certainly nothing you can't buy if you've got enough of the green stuff. You see, the whole of this game revolves around dosh. Goals are awarded by buying a chance to score and then successfully completing a little arcade sequence. Transfers can be arranged by waving a little bit of cash around, and a few readies can be earned by gambling any time you desire in a rather nice multiple-guess trivia subgame. In fact, there's far more to this game than I've got room/can be bothered to tell you about.

However, I will mention that this is an extremely playable and well thought-out game, with a lot of depth and the added bonus of actually looking quite nice. Then I'll award it 88% and take a long, well deserved rest after all my hard work this month. Bye.

Rich Pelley

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