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Footballer Of The Year
By Gremlin

Published in Computer Gamer #23

Football Of The Year

Gremlin's Footballer Of The Year challenges you to make it to the top and win this coveted award.

You begin the game as a 17 year old apprentice with the team of your choice. You have ten scoring cards and must buy others as the season's progress.

With a scoring card you can elect to play in a match and, depending on the card's value, have 1, 2 or 3 shots at goal. If you use a card then you immediately head for the action, if not the teleprinter reports the results.

There are only two types of attempt at goal either a penalty or a shot before two defenders close in and tackle you. The number of goals you score is reported and may turn defeat into victory.

By selecting icons you can view your current status which shows your skill level (from Average to Excellent), your wage level (£75-£1,200 a week) and the division your present club is currently in as well as your goal tally (league, cup, Europe and International), the league position of your club, buy a transfer or drawn an incident. These are the game's equivalent of a chance card and can produce anything from a speeding fine, pools win, business profit or even a transfer.

Transfers are usually good news as they often mean a wage increase which is more important to a new player than promotion - or even a cup winners medal.

The season lasts the full 42 games and plays in under an hour since the games you don't have any interest in are over in seconds.

Once you get to the first division and reach "excellent" skill level by scoring lots of goals, you might get picked for international matches (which brings goals and appearance fees) and may even be nominated for the Footballer Of The Year award.

The game is highly enjoyable and incredibly addictive to football fans despite the occasional bug (3rd Division Walsall once played Bayern Munich in a league match, and league cup goals are counted twice!) and the fact it's too easy as I managed to win the award three times in a row!