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Home Computing Weekly

Fools Gold
By Romik
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

The game takes place in an old mine, which, while not the most original idea, does offer wide scope.

The inlay claims that there are over 150 rooms to explore. I didn't check the number, but there certainly are a lot of them. The description of each room was normally quite detailed but occasionally repetitive.

The idea of the game is to explore the caves and recover all the items of treasure-hidden in the mine. You do this by giving the usual two-word commands.

There are various problems, such as locked doors and dangerous animals, to foil your efforts.

The game is purely textual and functions well without obvious bugs. The game is well protected and presented unbelievable difficulties when loading.

There was only one copy of the game on the tape. Software houses should give at least two copies of the game on the tape to allow for loading problems.

My other complaint was the use of LOAD when you want to load a saved game. In the mine are a gun and a bullet. Any attempt to load the gun gave the wrong result. Tut-tut, Mr. Programmer, deduct 10 points.


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