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Home Computing Weekly

Floor Planner
By B. Jackson

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

This falls into a category which contains all those programs unlikely to have a general application and appeal. If you are into floor planning in a big way then obviously any program dealing with that subject will help. This one uses sprites to allow you to select either items from a built-in library - radiators, power points, windows, doors, beds double and single, tables, chairs and settees - or name, but not define the shape of, your own objects, and to locate them in a room.

Relative sizes are given in metric units - good to see someone is using the more sensible if unfamiliar system - and objects can be orientated to suit the room. The documentation is quite good, even listing the main routines and their function, a practice more software houses ought to adopt.

However, perhaps due to my own lack of aptitude, I found the program difficult to understand and operate, and although items were colour-coded, the block approach did not help me at all. Although the programmer has obviously put a lot of through into this, the attentions might have been more fruitfully applied elsewhere. Needs Extended Basic.


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