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Home Computing Weekly

Flip And Flop
By Statesoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

My initial reaction to the demo screen of this game was that it was a Q-Bert clone. I was wrong. It is vastly superior.

You help a kangaroo and a monkey evade capture by the minions of the zoo. The action takes place on a network of square platforms in 3D linked by ladders. The kangaroo hops about the platforms, for the screens involving the monkey the platforms become ceilings from which it hangs. Since the screens alternate between the two this reversal of perspective adds to the difficulty.

Our heroes are pursued by a zookeeper and a net, both of which become progressively more difficult to evade. You must also step on squares with a square marking them white in the process. Change all of these squares to complete the screen. Scattered about the screen are flashing squares which are sticky and will impede your pursuer if lured onto them. As you progress, the screens get more complex and life gets tougher.

Overall, an excellent game with first class graphics and sound and guaranteed to keep you at it for hours.


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