A&B Computing

Flint's Gold

Author: Shingo Sugiura
Publisher: Micrograf
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.06

Flint's Gold

Being one of the only adventures I have played (my other sorties into this alternative form of games playing being The Hobbit and Colossal Adventure) I felt a little apprehensive at first, though the excellent accompanying documentation helped me to get started. During loading, the Sailor's Hornpipe (the theme tune from 'Captain Pugwash' to all you simpletons) played continuously, this was a pleasant surprise. After hearing it for the umpteenth time during the game though, I realised how useful the *FX 210,1 command can be (It disables all sound channels!).

Flint's Gold is no ordinary adventure, as it usefully employs Mode 7 block graphics to create certain scenes and the excellent envelope definition capabilities of the BBC to mimic sounds such as waves crashing onto a beach and seagulls calling.

Learning from my mistakes and saving my position as I progressed, I soon managed to reap the benefits of being on a 'Treasure Island'. In fact, the game sticks quite closely to the theme of Treasure Island, the book. Benn Gunn pops up on reaching the island though, funnily enough, he is more partial to milk than cheese.

You are accompanied on your travels by Long John Silver, whom you shoot towards the end of the adventure because he has the map that pinpoints the exact spot of the buried treasure (why Long John Silver is following you around and why he doesn't use the map to find the treasure remains unanswered!). After passing all the many obstacles, the message I received on finding the treasure was disappointing to say the least. In effect, it said that a Royal Navy ship, HMS Bounty, had spotted me. It then said "Well, what did you expect, a happy ending?" Well, frankly, yes, I did!

In summary, this is an easily solvable adventure. It would be of much use in junior schools. Younger children would find the game challenging enough to retain their interest but not too hard to put them off. The messages are very descriptive, some even witty. As I have just said, this is a game most suited to children of around junior school age though. If not taken too seriously, it is novel enough to entertain anyone.

Shingo Sugiura

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