Big K

Flint's Gold
By Micrograf
BBC Model B

Published in Big K #5

Flint's Gold

So there was I, sailing the high seas, splicing the odd mainbrace and shivering a timber here and there, when up walks Long John Silver with a real neato plane with a pretty heavy cash return.

This is a fairly standard adventure game but what gives it a good position in the Adventure Game Hall of Fame is its wit and a clever use of sound. The cassette loading is accomplanied by a sea shanty which is retained for later use in the game. As you approach the seashore you hear the sound of surf and seagulls (they really do sound like seagulls).

Limited but clever use is made of the Mode 7 graphics and the description of locations is interesting. A major frustration with some adventure games is the same old response when you pick up an object or give the computer an instruction it can't understand. Not with Flint's Gold. It has a library of interesting responses.

While it couldn't hold a place with the world's adventure classics, it could well find a secure position in the games cupboard.