Home Computing Weekly

Flint's Gold
By Micrograf
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

You are a humble labourer who has worked on a farm all his life. Suddenly, you reject your way of life, and become a fierce swashbuckler. You set out for the nearby port in search of adventure. Here you hear stories of the legendary Flint's Gold and you resolve to search for this mysterious treasure. It is at this point that you start the adventure, communicating with the computer by means of two-word sentences.

The game is written in Mode 7, and includes low resolution screen pictures from time to time. One of the most outstanding features of the game is the amazing sound effects; the best is the sound of waves hurling pebbles as they break, accompanied by the crying of seagulls.

While the game is loading, a sea shanty is played, fading slowly as the loading finishes. The sound effects and music are something else, but the game is not remarkable. After taking so long to load, I expected more. This one is just a little too difficult.


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