Computer Gamer

Flight Path 737
By Anirog
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #2

Flight Path 737

This is the program that Anirog have converted for nearly all the popular computers (and even some of the unpopular ones) so it is strange that the Spectrum is one of the later conversions.

Having said that, the simulation game that they've come up with isn't all that bad. A small instruction leaflet is included that covers six machines and the inlay card gives the machine-specific instructions.

There are six different levels to fly on from first solo to test pilot, the differences are higher mountains and shorter runways, both of which add another dimension to the game.

The game itself is quite reasonable, and as much as you would normally expect from a flight simulator.

All in all, a good package that is easy to use, straight-forward, and without the usual complications that spoil a flight simulator.