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Amstrad Action

Flight Path 737
By Anirog
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Flight Path 737

You're at the controls of a commercial airliner and your task is to safely take off, cross a mountain range and land on the other side. The display shows your cockpit view of the horizon at the top of the screen and your instrumentation at the bottom.

On higher levels you also have to contend with shorter runways, crosswinds and engine fires which have to be put out. You only have enough fuel for one attempt at a landing so even the lowest level of play can be tough. If you crash, you are told why but a successful landing will bring a points score to indicate how well you did.

Good News

P. Calls for perfection in your flying.
P. A lot to do in a short time.

Bad News

N. Trying to achieve perfection can be unnecessarily frustrating.
N. Screen update is slow.
N. Horizon doesn't tilt!