Flexifile (Diamondsoft) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Diamondsoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

The storage and manipulation of vast quantities of data has got to be one of the most vital and useful tasks that a computer can undertake on behalf of us mere mortals. This program is meant to make such things easy and enjoyable and it is certainly very simple to use.

This is ensured by the use of menus from which you select the function you require. If this is illogical - e.g. you select print when no file is present - then the program simply returns you to the master menu.

The cassette inlay cards provide the instructions and they are fairly informative for new users. There is precious little in terms of examples, however, and there is no specimen database.

There is no date checking algorithm - you can type in any string of characters and it is accepted as a date (what use the date is to the program I haven't yet worked out!).

You expect a compromise between power of program and spare memory in all databases: in this example, there is a second manipulation program which means extra loading time.

The publishers do offer an advice service, upon payment of a £5 fee.

Final point to note is that the BBC doesn't have the memory for vast databases, so expect to have to keep more than one file.


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