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Flagon Bird
By Bosco
Dragon 32

Flagon Bird

The Dragon 32 is always getting "new" releases - because it shares a great deal of circuitry with the Tandy CoCo; so much so, in fact, that even 100% machine code games for the CoCo can (now) be converted between the two machines with relative ease. Flagon Bird, however, is a genuinely new Dragon game rather than a converted CoCo one (It's also, unsurprisingly enough given the above, available on the CoCo too!). The game is a version of Flappy Bird, and released by Bosco Software. Possibly one of the most addictive, and frustrating, games ever written, Flagon/Flappy Bird invites you to pilot a bird through a series of pipes by flapping its wings at the right moment. Easier said than done, four games in a single minute can be seen here.

Flagon Bird is available for free from the Dragon Archive - and you'll also find a great deal of further information on its fans, both here and abroad, on the forums of this site. To see a real master, why not visit Metr81's YouTube video where he puts my personal high score of 15 pipes cleared to shame with a whopping 254...!

Dave E

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