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Five Star Games 3
By Beau Jolly

Published in A&B Computing 5.05

A couple more compilations this month from Beau Jolly who, sadly, don't re-issue this stuff fast enough in my opinion.

Have you got a copy of Frak! by Orlando yet? If not then rush out and buy this at once - the package is worth it for this superbly detailed and humorous platform game starring everyone's favourite Neanderthal. It's quite simple - this is one of most people's top ten games of all time.

Couple that with Peter Scott's wild and detailed arcade adventure Thunderstruck and you'll already got good value; add in the lunatic Caveman Capers with high speed travel on the back of a turtle and you've got insane marketing. But that's forgetting the excellent train simulation Southern Belle and the respected words only adventure Project Thesius.

And what about the flight simulator Strike Force Harrier and the fight simulator The Way Of The Exploding Fist? Seven programs for the normal cost of five on a compilation for the normal cost of one new one - this one has The Arcade seal of approval all over it.

Dave Reeder

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