Five Star Games
By Beau Jolly
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #64

Five Star Games

I don't believe it! A tape that includes five brilliant games. These miracles are very rare. Get it quick!

Yes, it's true, all the games on this tape are of star quality and are hits on their own. The tape consists of:


You control a Geographic Environmental Reconnaissance Land-Mapping Device, Gerald for short. What you have to do is map-out a new world that is just found floating around in space. An everyday occurence no less!

You have only a certain amount of time to complete your mission, and every time you have a little accident like falling into deep space or smashing yourself to pieces from a great height you lose a vast amount of it, so be careful. A well thought out game. Nothing short of fab.


Batalyx is a huge blast, cum strategy, cum just about everything as well. This game actually consists of five sub-games which are all extremely good.

Based on Jeff's never-ending Zzyaxian/Trata saga, you might once again defeat the might of all that is evil. To complete this mission, you must light all six icons, which appear at the bottom of the screen, each icon requiring a separate task, in a separate game.

The games are, Hallucin-o-Bomblets: Destroy anything in order to gain everything. The blast is made harder by the fact that you must fly in the opposite direction to your bullets. A real brain test.

Attack Of The Mutant Camels 2

Next it's Attack Of The Mutant Camels 2. I'm sure all of you remember the first one of these. Well, this one is the same - but it's been made prettier. Just blast those camels!

Subgame 3 is the 'Activation of the Tridis Base' in which you find yourself astride a mutant camel.

The other subgames are Cippy on the run, a paint the walls job and Syncro 2, where you must match things up. There's also an interesting pause mode, which is a small version of Psychedelia, another Minter creation.


This strategy game is based on the Zoids, robot stars of comics and model shops.


An arcade adventure of great depth and addiction. In Equinox you must solve various logical puzzles, fight a horde of nasty aliens, in order to make the complex fit for human inhabitation. A very tough game.


You must get to the Pharoah's tomb and collect the many treasures. The game is displayed in solid 3D which is very impressive. Also, the sound is amazingly realistic, featuring heartbeats and your heavy breathing!