ZX Computing

First Aid
By Eastmead Computer Systems
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #14

First Aid

And now for something completely different! From the company that brought you "How long have you got?" comes First Aid (Draw your own conclusions!) Eastmead Computer Systems have produced a comprehensive reference package suitable for use in "...classroom, home and surgery". (As an educational tool this is well put together, although I'd hate to see my doctor using it!)

It is a computerised 'Home Doctor' that aims, through a series of questions, to give you guidance upon the course of action required for a vast range of symptoms. Twenty areas, in four programs, are covered including Accidental Injury, Artificial Respiration, Bleeding, Electric Shock, Fever, etc. Nice use of colour helps an all-text display but it is rather disconcerting at times to be told "Emergency help needed"...

One cause for complaint, in an otherwise admirable package, is that from time to time two or more questions are asked simultaneously which may require differing answers. Unfortunately, only one response at a time is allowed.

In conclusion it seems that an increasing amount of software can be used successfully in more than one area, but your needs should be very clear before you buy.

Mike Edmunds

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