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Home Computing Weekly

By Acornsoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

Engine driver, pilot or fireman are all careers young children dream about, but being a fireman often holds first place.

Firebug uses a screen layout similar to Snapper; multi-floors with interconnecting ladders but with far more happening; three different screens and increasing levels of difficulty with each round.

The game takes place in a petrol warehouse where a firebug is running around lighting fires. The player takes the part of a fireman who has the job of collecting the drums of petrol and dumping them safely into a water tank.


There are five extinguishers scattered around the complex and the fireman can carry one to put out the rues, but he can't carry drums as well as extinguishers, so you takes your choice.

If the fires are allowed to spread to the drums they explode and raise the temperature in the building by 100°C. If the temperature reaches 100°C the rest of the drums explode and the warehouse fills with fire and smoke to end the game.

There are various dangers to which the fireman is exposed. If he steps on a fire or runs into the firebug he will fall to the ground floor and have to start again, while smoke is yet another danger to avoid.

Instructions are adequate and the game is available on tape or 40/80 disc. There are freeze game and sound on or off options along with provision for joystick control.


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