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Home Computing Weekly

Finance Manager - Plus 80
By Oxford Computer Systems
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Like all OCP programs, the presentation is superb with a tough, hinged-lid storage box, containing a well-written manual, and the cassette in a moulded plastic tray, with a similar space for the data cassette which you create using the program.

Entirely in machine code, this super-fast software is designed to handle double entry accounts for business or home. You can control up to 255 sources or destinations for money and analyse them. The limit on individual inputs is 1p less than £10,000 and each account can handle just short of a million.

You can also merge, delete, edit and re-name accounts, reconcile, amend and delete transactions, and standing orders can be manipulated. With this Plus-80 version, printer output is through the Kempston Centronics interface to a full size printer, for really professional documents. You are however limited to cassette. It won't service Microdrives or the ZX Printer.

Superbly produced, fast, well-documented and user-friendly. All software should be like this. But there's an enormous price differential to drive a full size printer. The standard version, at £8.95, is super value for money.


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