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Fighting Warrior
By Mastertronic Plus
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #75

Fighting Warrior

Guess what? A beautiful princess has gone and get herself captured, and you must rescue her, silly girly. You are the Fighting Warrior, champion of all Egypt and a small town in the lake district (wha?). Using all your powers of combat you will confront many hideous monsters, ghouls and ogres, all of whom are just begging to be splattered.

The usual beat 'em up controls are used, plus you carry a handy weapon, useful for slicing pounds of flesh off your slobbering victims. The graphics are nicely drawn, but that's all: the backgrounds are very basic and colour is almost non-existent. In the sound category all you get is something like a bee trapped in a glass when someone hits you, brilliant! Some games stand the test of time, and this isn't one of them. You come across monster after monster, and killing them all soon gets a bit monotonous.

Fighting Warrior may be worth looking at if you're after a cheap beat 'em up and don't really care about graphics much, but otherwise I'd stay well clear: there are better rereleased games about.

Nick Roberts

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