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Fighter Pilot
By Digital Integration
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #24

Fighter Pilot

ALL THE ADVERTISING for Fighter Pilot has been a comparison between it and the well-known Flight Simulation from Psion. While they are similar they each appear to be aimed at different sectors of the buying public. Each succeeds in its own area. To do everything it does Fighter Pilot may not teach you so much about controlling an aircraft but it is just as entertaining. If possible buy both; if not, Fighter Pilot seems to have the edge.

On loading the game you are given four options - landing practice, flying training, air-to-air combat practice and air-to-air combat. To those you can add blind flying, where you lose the horizon, and/or cross winds and turbulence. Having made your choice you are switched to the cockpit, where all the usual controls are visible, including artificial horizon.

If needed, a map can be called-up showing the positions of the four runways and the various beacons - also any enemy aircraft if in combat mode. The map is updated while you watch it.

The flying area has wraparound so you cannot fly too far - about 100 x 150 miles - but it can give odd instrument readings when flying over a border. The game is compatible with Kempston, Sinclair and AGF Joysticks and the cursor keys. It can be obtained from Digital integration.

Memory: 48K Price: £7.95 Joystick: Kempston, AGF, Sinclair