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Home Computing Weekly

Felix Meets The Evil Weevils
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

This is a winner and what's more it has a measure of originality which is missing from many recent releases. Like the previous titles which feature Felix, you control a little man with a great propensity for falling over dead.

The aim is to rid the factory of the evil weevils which wiggle around the place at a surprising rate of knots. The factory is full of conveyor belts which take the product - ball bearings - from the site of their creation to the despatch department. Unfortunately, the ball bearings are rather lethal and tend to shorten your life expectancy.

Added to this it is very easy to fall off a moving belt and this too is a rather terminal occurence. To help you, there is anti-weevil spray (just enough in each can for one squirt), a lever to change the belt direction and oxygen bottles.

Graphics are great and very smooth, the screens are attractive and well laid out and the addictive magic of a winner is obvious. Watch out for the super-weevils which hide in the tubes!