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Home Computing Weekly

Fast Frog Plus Norbert
By Pewterware

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

There are two programs on this tape. The first is another version of the old favourite, Frogger. This one is for two players: once one player loses a frog, it is the turn of the other.

There are three levels, and the frogs can move in any of the usual joystick directions. As usual, you must guide your frog across a road and over a river. An added incentive to swift decision-making is the passage of a street-sweeper. Extra points are awarded if you land in a safe haven with the 'P' logo in it.

The second program is worth just about every other program I have ever seen put together. The aim is simple: guide Norbert from block to block on a pyramid, changing the colour of each as you go.

You must avoid various monsters, and as each pyramid is completed, so a more difficulty one takes its place. You have three lives, and a running score and high score are displayed. Occasionally, poor sprite coincidence detection permits you some leeway, which actually adds to the enjoyment of the game. Excellent!

This needs Extended Basic.


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