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Home Computing Weekly

Fantasia Diamond
By Hewson Consultants
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

The Fantasia diamond was stolen and taken to the fortress across the river; your quest is to recover this magnificent jewel.

On your journey, you will encounter many different characters including the Guardian, the toy Robot and the Conductor. Each character having his own idiosyncrasies, some helpful to you in your search, others distinctly unhelpful.

Incorporated within the program are several cameo problems and puzzles. Your own intuition is called upon to solve these and help you along the way.

Extensive use of multiple statements is permitted, the computer vocabulary running to some 300 words is controlled by a sophisticated language analyser.

This graphic adventure includes pictures that fill the whole screen very quickly, and can be removed equally speedily, by using the Enter key.

With graphics removed, the dialogue between you and the computer is on a split screen. The computer messages occupy the top two thirds, leaving the remainder for your own inputs.

Helpfully, your last several moves remain in vision, allowing an immediate check on the route taken to your present location.