Home Computing Weekly

Family Programs

Author: M.P.
Publisher: Shards
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #14

A compilation of eight programs designed to cater for a wide range of interests, but suffering a little from the "jack of all trades, master of none" syndrome. Still, bearing in mind that the range' worthwhile in terms of providing a sample of what can be obtained, I shall deal with some of the highlights.

Tunes is a race against the clock to recognise as many songs as you can. The five song categories and over 100 tunes include nursery rhymes for the little 'uns and Golden Oldies for those with rather longer memories.

Finance offers a simple menu to either calculate mortgage repayment or savings. It could be used to work out any form of loan, though - useful for calculating the annual rate on the credit card payments for your home computer?

Family Programs

Quiz allows either one or two players to answer questions on a variety of randomly-chosen topics against the clock. The two-player version is unnecessarily complicated by the use of joysticks to pick out the letters of the answer, but the first version is an enjoyable competition for all the family. Both this game and Tunes require typing in PCLEAR prior to loading.

Also included is a maths quiz, a version of Simon, a tank battle, a few Oddjob items and game where you thread a simulated wire through a simulated ring.

All in all, a nice collection which succeeded in interesting all members of the family, neatly packaged with loading details. A good idea, in my view, to reinforce Dragon's own advertising stressing the family aspects of computing. Could this be the end of the lonesome vigil beside the green screen?


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