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Falklands '82
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #13

Falklands '82

Falklands '82 is a beginner's level wargame simulating the British attempt to regain the islands after the Argentinian invasion some four years ago. The Argentinian forces are controlled by the computer whilst you must decide how best to deploy the British forces.

There are five difficulty levels to select from, ranging from easy to masochistic. After choosing your level, you must then decide which of your ships will support the Task Force, and which will provide naval gunfire support. There are four potential landing sites available to you - Port Stanley, Berkley Sound, Cow Bay and San Carlos Bay.

By careful use of your special forces - the SAS and SBS, you can reconnoitre two of these sites in order to learn more about the disposition of the enemy forces before you commit the bulk of your units.

Once you have established your beach-head, you can start moving your forces ashore. Each unit has several values assigned to it. An aggression factor represents the firepower of a unit. When it reaches zero, the unit ceases to exist. The defensive factor shows how well a unit can defend itself.

This value is modified by terrain - it is easier to defend a hill than open countryside. These two factors are used to determine the outcome of any combat. The movement allowance shows how far a unit can travel each turn. This again is affected by terrain. Finally, the range shows how close you must be to an enemy unit before you can attack it. You may also be able to summon airstrikes or naval gunfire to support your ground attacks. Controlling your forces is by single keystroke entry. For each unit in turn, you are given a list of options available to it.

In order to win the game, you must either destroy all the enemy forces or occupy (or be the last to occupy) all ten settlements and hold them for one turn. All this must be achieved within a certain number of turns (between 25 and 30 depending on the difficulty level selected).

Falklands '82 is a simple game to play, but nevertheless one that will keep you thinking for some considerable time to come. If you are looking for a simple introduction to the fascinating world of wargames this game would make an excellent starting point.