Fairlight (The Edge) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By The Edge
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #50


"Huh! Just like Knight Lore," will probably be the most common reaction to pass cynical gamers' lips when they view the latest effort from The Edge, based in leafy Covent Garden.

Despite comparisons being odious, closer inspection will reveal a level of detail and precision which surpasses anything seen on a Spectrum before. Of course, sacrifices have to be made to incorporate such finery...

Loading proved no obstacle, and shortly an extremely pretty title screen appeared, along with a three-figure number in the lower left-hand section of the screen. This number gradually decreases as the code is loaded, until it reaches 000, and a merry (if slightly lengthy) tune issues from the Speccy.

The plot is very long-winded so we'll leave out all the myth and magic and press on with gameplay. A 3D picture of each location is presented, very much like the Ultimate games of late. The Edge have been making loud noises about a "Worldmaker" which was used to create the environment, and comments about hype aside, it really is very good.

You are presented as a fairly insignificant-looking fellow, sword-in-hand. Basic movements in four diagonal directions are accommodated along with jumping, object handling and combat.

I was frustrated with the object routine. It seems impossible to push an object from one room to another, which is a definite problem if you find a chest obscuring a doorway after some fearsome combat.

When the room is narrow, matters are made increasingly difficult. You can't push the blasted chest out of the way, you can't pick it up, turn around and put it down somewhere convenient. Doubtless you will find the offending object too heavy to carry without dropping a valuable item first!

There are lots of unfriendly people in the castle where most of the action takes place. Whirlwinds, knights, bubbles and hooded figures all wander around with seemingly nothing better to do than inflict severe physical damage on any passing traveller!

All in all, a great game. Certainly one for mapping freaks!