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Home Computing Weekly

By 8th Day
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

If you thought good software at a cheap price was impossible, try this! Faerie is a text adventure written with The Quill. It comes with excellent instructions on the B-Side, explaining the scenario and what an adventure is.

The game is described as a surrealistic fantasy, and is a little similar to Alice's Wonderland. You start with strange lights dancing around you. You wave the aspen wand and you are in fairy land. Wander through fields, talk with characters and try to unravel the mystery of this Midsummer Nights Fantasy. Descriptions are long and atmospheric: a bee flies by from time to time or a little voice sings in your ear. However, the sandman might send you a-dreaming or you may end up buried alive.

8th Day say the game is advanced difficulty. It is also charming and a lot of fun. It made me laugh. This is a save option, but if you want help you will have to send for a hint sheet. A wonderful game. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.