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F1 Circus
By Nichibutsu
PC Engine (JP Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #109

F1 Circus

You're one mean, hot dude. Get a steering wheel in your hand and you're unbeatable. However, things aren't going too well. Over-revving the engine of your Skoda never really did it much good and your racing career, like your little Russian terror, is going nowhere. You need a real motor and a meaty challenge - and like your driving, you need them fast!

Here's the good news. A number of sponsors have been impressed by your antics and want to take you onto their team. Formula one racing! A dream come true! A whole season's worth of high speed racing across a number of tracks is yours for the taking with the aid of this new PC Engine card.

But it's not just the racing over the eight-way scrolling tracks that's going to keep you occupied. The mechanics on your team are as thick as two short planks, so all the decision-making is down to the player. Although the pit crew can help when it comes to changing tyres and engines, the racing excitement can only be handled by you. So, waste no more time! Get your racing trousers on and put the pedal to the metal!

PC Engine

Formula 1 has never been so much fun! F1 Circus cuts out all the simulation rubbish and turns the speedy sport into a real gut-wrenching arcade experience!

The scrolling on this game is unbelievably fast - move your F1 roadster into sixth and watch it fly! Multiple pile-ups are commonplace on the F1 circuits, but your car seems to be able to take such catastrophic damage with ease! The control of your car (especially at speed) takes a long time to master and you'll probably spend quite a while on the practise circuits before you qualify, but it's fun all the way and once you're racing, you're hooked!

Go for it without delay - this is one classy arcade game and will have you at the PC Engine for ages...!

Richard Leadbetter