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Your Sinclair

F-16 Fighting Falcon
By Virgin/Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #47

F-16 Fighting Falcon

This one is an Afterburner clone in which you shoot at all the incoming fighters and missiles, and shoot at your own F16 to make it perform what the manual calls "automatic intelligent evasive action". Hmm. Just looks like it bounces out of the way if you ask me.

The scenery scrolls by underneath you as you fly along blasting the poop out of anything that moves and a few things that don't Trouble is you don't get much time to anticipate a plane coming on to the screen, and, if you leave it too late to blow it up, it gets a chance to launch its missiles at you. There are four levels to the game, over the Sahara, Tropics, Arctic and Ocean. Okay, I s'pose, but not enough control over the plane for my taste. Another slightly peculiar use of the gun.

Phil South

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