The Micro User

By Software Projects
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 3.06

A better class of maze

In Ewgeebez, a new release from Software Projects, Zelob the Melkon (that's you) is trapped in a maze.

The good news is that by finding the 12 power crystals you will be teleported to safety. Great!

But the bad news is quite bad - not only will the space station's robots be out to KO you, but the neighbouring alien heavies are out to make it a free-for-all.


They teleport in frequently to have a quick shot at you... and fearsome they are, too.

Ranging from gnashing teeth to spindly insects, they all have one target! That's right - YOU! It's actually another spritebased game, but it really is fun to play.

Zelob is a fishy-looking character but carries a nice line in laser cannons.


As for the aliens, some of the more imaginative among them radiate laser beams of changing length, and you have to nip in, shoot and hit while the beams are at their shortest.

Floating robot guards that fire both forwards and backwards have also to be overcome.

The screen serves as a window looking down on the maze. If you follow a passage off the screen, the window moves with you.


The graphics are nicely detailed and the maze is shaded in many weird and wonderful colours.

The sound is well implemented with plenty of zaps and explosions.

One other plus is a screen photo in the cassette inlay which shows you exactly what you'll be getting for your money.

Though there are other multi-room maze games. I'd put this one highon my list due to its simplicity and polished appearance.

Verdict - Good clean family fun.

Nick Philips