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Home Computing Weekly

Everyone's A Wally
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #106

Whilst impressed with the graphics used in Pyjamarama, I found the plot far from original. Now here's a game worthy of them. It's a combination of arcade/adventure/ strategy ploys featuring Wally, his friends Wilma, Tom, Dick and Harry in their quest to earn a not-too honest shekel!

Littered around the superbly depicted town arc a number of things which need mending like a brick wall, a fountain, etc., together with the things to mend them. Controlling Wally, you must find the items you need. If, however, the task needs the skills of Harry the plumber. then you must find him, and take control of him instead.

When the job is complete, money is deposited in the safe in the bank. As you complete the tasks, you are able to acquire the combination to the safe an-d finally grab the loot. Don't be fooled, it's not easy! Herbert the baby gets in the way, your characters have to eat and drink, and all sorts of lunatic things launch themselves at the characters in the arcade sequences with the intention of killing them off. There's an awful lot to keep you quiet.

Animation, sound and graphics are outstanding. Mikro-Gen has decided to go for full colour. This causes background colour changes in a limited area of the screen, but it's not very distracting.

An excellent game, but expensive. Why not a standard cassette box, no free music track, and a £5.95 price tag? Any response, Mikro-Gen?