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EUG #2 On Disk

Published in EUG #55

Better Than The Original

Hot on the heels of the disk versions of EUG #0 and #1 (Well, quite warm anyway!) comes EUG #2 and, being as how I've managed to get myself a copy, I thought I'd give it a bit of a going over.

At the risk of sounding too enthusiastic, I thought it was brilliant and, daft though it may sound, I actually think it's better than the original. The reason being quite simply the diagrams which accompany the "Electron Workshop" article. In the original paper mag, these were more or less thumbnail sketches included amongst the text. By putting these in a separate file, each image is a full screen picture with diagrams very clearly drawn.

The same goes for the cover. I think quite a lot of thought has gone into these conversions and our Ed has struck the right balance between keeping the content of the original and, at the same time, making minor improvements. For example, arranging the disk into menus and arranging menu contents alphabetically. This isn't especially important on paper, but a disk-based product does need some sort of structure.

The only minor fault was that the Play It Again Sam 16 review [Which was a brand new product when this issue originally went to press - Ed] was not on any menu, even though the file was on the disk. I added it myself quite easily into the "Demos/Utils" menu by substituting one of the <Empty> statements in line 1290 for "SAM 16 REVIEW" and R.+2PIA16.

I got to find out what the mystery listing was, having never bothered to type it in in the past. I won't spoil the fun, but that it seemed quite appropriate for the run up to the Christmas issue is all I'll say.

EUG #3 will be on its way soon I'm told and I'm looking forward to that. Keep up the good work!

Second Opinion

Having been sent a review copy of this new issue, I must first note that I was surprised to see how well it has been done. I have the original paper copy and on comparing the two versions, everything is there - including all the drawings and front cover!

Amongst some other items, this issue includes some useful tips in using View in an article by Tom Boustead - "Using View With Tape"; some suggestions for preventing the accidental use of the BREAK key in Marc Harris' "Electron Workshop"; a review of Superior's Play It Again Sam 16 including Vertigo, Perplexity, Hostages and Pipemania; some tips on trouble-shooting by John Brown; a crossword; the solution to the crossword in EUG #1 and a mystery program!

I found the crossword appeared slightly differently, possibly as the clue numbering had to be revised.

Another point was that the mystery program was solved at the touch of a key and the fun of typing it in to see what it did was lost!

These are small points though and do not spoil an interesting issue which contains some useful ideas and some amusing articles.