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Eskimo Eddie
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

A beautifully drawn loading screen heralds the start of this very cute copy of Pengo, one of the best but lesser known arcade games.

Ocean's colourful version employs delightful graphics, colour and tunes through its two screens of Artic action. Firstly, Eddie must rescue Percy Penguin from the clutches of a rather docile Polar bear, named Growler. For some reason, you have to do this three times before the next stage. Here you mysteriously change bodies and play Percy, trying to score points while avoiding the dreaded Snowbugs, which looked to me like frozen custard pies with eyes.

Percy must squash the bugs by pushing ice blocks at them. This is much more difficult than it sounds, particularly as the blocks tend to melt at the wrong moments. The bugs move very intelligently, and it is not long before our hero bites the snow.

This second screen is very attractive and the animation well up to Ultimate standard. But it lacks the addictive quality of its arcade cousin because every time you flatten a bug, he comes back immediately, and very angry, making the game rather pointless.

Nevertheless, a game well worth looking at.


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