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By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #56


If you've got an Amstrad and you haven't got a copy of Equinox from Mikro-Gen, you must be stark, staring mad! Simple as that. Equinox is the best thing this side of Sorcery.

It's the first major project for new programmers Raffaele Cecco. And it looks as if he's got a bright future - as bright as the excellent graphics featured in the game.

In the interminable depths of space, Asteroid Sury-Ani 7, floats majestically in a 400 hundred year orbit.

Radioactive canisters that were due for disposal now lie exposed in Sury-Ani 7's mining complex. The human inhabitants have now departed and only you - a disposal droid - remain to dispose of the canisters before they become critical and aniihilate the whole complex.

Asteroid Sury-Ani 7, rich in minerals, has been hollowed out into a huge mining complex. The complex is sectioned into eight levels.

Gaining access to the different levels is achieved with numbered level passes.

In order to obtain canisters and level passes, your dedicated disposal droid must use various tools, machines and components which are scattered around the complex.

You'll need to be able to survive the harmful aliens on each of the numerous levels, and collect a pass on each one.

You begin the game with three lives, and any contact with an alien will reduce your energy, prolonged contact with an alien will result in the loss of one of these lives.

Each level contains a canister, Disposal Cute and Level Pass. You will have to collect the lever pass in order to access the next level. As you search each level for these items, your time will elapse.

To enable you to find the Radio-Active Canisters and Level Passes, you will need to use the tools and objects that have been scattered around each level.

The unusual combination of arcade adventure and shoot-'em-up had this reviewer hooked right from the start.

But blasting everything in sight won't get you very far. You have to learn the right combination of objects.