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Energy 30,000
By E.L.M.
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #27

Energy 30,000

ENERGY 30,000 by Elm Computers for the 48K Spectrum transports you to the year 30000, where uranium stocks are diminishing and you have to collect pink tar - yes, pink - to fuel the reactors.

To help you in the task you have a bulldozer with which to push it. Various nasties try to prevent you doing so and usually succeed.

Part of the program was compiled with the Wye Valley Compiler and it shows. All the graphics are simple UDGs and move in low resolution. It is difficult to tell which parts were not compiled.

If the game is interesting in the first place a compiler is acceptable but in this case it makes a mediocre game into a fast mediocre game.

Memory: 48K Price: £5.95 Joystick: Kempston

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