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Sinclair User

By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #68


Pressing on regardless, releasing all the old Activision stuff on budget, and after failing with River Raid, Firebird is still trying to do the impossible. To do a decent Atari 2600 conversion. It carries on the trend with that old rad-racing classic, Enduro. In it you must ride a cross-country course over land and snow, occasionally riding through the night. You race against hundreds of other cars beautifully drawn in glorious block-o-vision. (Except in the night where they are portrayed by their headlights only.)

The road is two lines on either side and the only impression of movement is an occasional wave in the line that passes at regular intervals Another pathetic effort by Firebird. Let sleeping games lie, that's what I reckon.

Overall Summary

More boring old Activision re-releases. Poor graphics, poor scrolling and no playability. Forget it.

Tony Dillon