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Empire Of Karn
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

After the success of Heroes of Karn, it isn't surprising that a sequel has been written. In fact according to the inlay, a third part should appear in due course. The inlay carries the usual background facts full of mysticism and unpronounceable names. It appears that you join up with a fellow called Darin and set forth on a quest to foil the evil intentions of Zheff - I think.

Compared to the previous adventure, this game shows a number of technical improvements in keeping with the state of the art. The program loads quickly using Interceptor's own turbo loader with no glitches. The first real advance is the improved speed of drawing the various scenes. Multicolour mode is used to produce quite acceptable results. Raster interrupts are used to give text and graphics simultaneously. The textual descriptions of each location are fair but hardly earth shattering.

Another advance is the use of interaction with other characters to provide greater interest. The command parser is fairly competent and will allow you to converse with other characters. One surprising omission, however, is the absence of commands such as 'Examine'. This proved to be rather irritating. No 'Help' is offered either, which will deter the complete beginner.

Overall, I wasn't too Impressed with the atmosphere generated by this game. In spite of the pictures, I couldn't get deeply involved in the game This problem was enhanced by the unhelpful responses to many commands. At the price, quite good value.


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